Bee Pollen Granules (105G)


– A complete SuperFood that has widest array of benefits for your health
– Bee Pollens is rich in proteins (approx 40% protein) free amino acids, Vitamins A, C, D, E including B-Complex and Folic Acid
– Helps Body Relaxation & Insomnia
– Works as an Immunity Booster & Energy Enhancer
– Strategic Supplement for weight management
– Helps as a natural allergy treatment & relief
– Stimulates internal body function for Infertility
– Smoothes, Soothe and rejuvenate your skin

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Bees collect pollen from plant anthers, mix it with a small dose of the secretion from salivary glands or nectar, and place it in specific baskets (called corbiculae) that are situated on the tibia of their hind legs — called pollen loads.

After the pollen is collected, it’s brought to the hive where it’s packed in honeycomb cells. Then the surface of the collected pollen is covered with a thin layer of honey and wax, creating “bee bread.” The bee bread undergoes anaerobic fermentation and is preserved by the arising lactic acid. The bee bread serves as the basic protein source for the bee colony.

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