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Excelsior Class Honey x 1

1. 100% Raw and Pure Wild Jungle Tualang Honey

2. High Medicinal Value

3. Seasonal Taste Harvested from the Excelsa Tree which is the tallest tree in Asia (85-88 meters). It has more medicinal & seasonal taste (It might take up to 6 months to harvest). It’s also from the larger jungle bee (Apis Dorsata) fly further and deeper in the jungle to collect this exciting multifloral honey.

Superior Class Honey x 1

Superior Class Honey is from Sarawak’s forest. Second older forest in the world as well as the largest state in Malaysia. Why superior class honey? Testimonial from our valued customers that it tastes just like the olden days honey. Due to our lifestyle has being urbanized, most of the olden day taste are facing extinct and with the urban living lifestyle, the demand of the fascinating modified honey has risen which creates the red alert on our health. Thus, through the tough long journey for us to bring back the nostalgic (on taste)  honey along with the beautiful eco environment which worth to reward us the quality of the honey.